Equity Crowdfunding For Startups & Growing Companies

Nathan Rose

Equity Crowdfunding Strategist

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The latest insights, how-to-guides, and tips and tricks for equity crowdfunding success through in-depth blog posts.
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Hi, I’m Nathan!

I am a dedicated finance & digital marketing professional with a strong interest in early stage ventures, alternative finance and technology trends.

I travelled around the world to write the bestselling book: Equity Crowdfunding: The Complete Guide For Startups & Growing Companies.

I have appeared at crowdfunding events around the globe, including in Toronto, Amsterdam, London and Paris, and spent time as an Expert In Residence at CrowdfundingHub. I am also a contributor to Crowdfund Insider, the world’s most prominent crowdfunding news site.

More importantly, I love seeing startups get the funding they need – which is why I’m so excited to share the potential of equity crowdfunding with you!

Latest From The Blog:

OnMarket Review – Platform For Equity Crowdfunding

This is an OnMarket review, an Australian equity crowdfunding platform which also facilitates IPOs and private placements. OnMarket Attitude To Curation: OnMarket favors more careful screening of the companies that are allowed to be published on their platform. Every...

How To Crowdfund – Equity Crowdfunding, Step-By-Step

How To Crowdfund A Business The potential benefits of equity crowdfunding are vast. A successful campaign can be truly transformational for startups and growing companies - not only is it possible to raise 6 - 7 figures of equity capital, but it can lead to...

What The Experts Say:

“There’s a lot of misinformation out there about how to approach fund raising through equity crowdfunding. Fortunately, Nathan sets the record straight on what you should do, and more importantly, what you should avoid doing, if you’re going to go down this path”. Tom Britton

Co-Founder, SyndicateRoom

Nathan Rose guides you through everything you need to know, with detailed case studies and advice from successful crowdfunders“. Rob Wilson

Business Development, Seedrs

“Nathan’s information only involves real, battle-tested strategies that actually work. Startups pursuing equity crowdfunding should look here first!”. Christopher Thomas

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Eureeca

“Nathan explains the whole process in plain language and provides helpful advice, illustrated by examples, on how to navigate each stage”. Jerry Plant

Director, Envestors

“Nathan’s style is very accessible and he cuts through complex concepts to make investment crowdfunding best practices easy to digest. Like a bootcamp in community-building and raising capital online”. Bret Conkin

Director, CrowdfundSuite

“This covers all aspects of how to pull off raising 6 – 7 figures through equity crowdfunding. A company could go from literally zero knowledge, to pulling off a successful campaign, by following Nathan’s clear, step-by-step instructions.” Will Mahon-Heap

Co-Founder, Equitise

“Fundraising is complex, and the optimal path forward is highly specific to each individual company. Equity Crowdfunding is a great guide for companies that are considering this path. You’ll cover the relevant considerations, avoid the main pitfalls, and set yourself up for success.”

Josh Daniell

Director, Snowball Effect

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  Hear how others have raised 6 – 7 figures, without a bank or VC!

  Discover if equity crowdfunding is an option for you

  Learn the secrets of buiding a huge, highly-engaged crowd

  Launch your campaign with irresistible momentum