Uprise Africa Review

For Business Owners

Uprise Africa is a South Africa equity crowdfunding platform Flag: South Africa on Google Android 10.0

This independent review has been written for startups & growing companies considering using Uprise Africa to raise money with equity crowdfunding

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In this Uprise Africa review, you will learn about:

  • Uprise Africa‘s Attitude To Curation
  • Which Companies Can Use Uprise Africa
  • How Uprise Africa Helps Business Owners
  • What Is Unique / Different About Uprise Africa
  • How To Raise Money Through Uprise Africa

Platform Website: uprise.africa

Uprise Africa’s Attitude To Curation:

Equity crowdfunding platforms need to decide where they sit on the all-important question of curation. Do they heavily pre-screen the companies which come through their door, or do they favor more-open access between companies and investors and thereby “letting the crowd decide”? Uprise Africa sits somewhere in the middle between heavy curation vs open access.

Because investors are being asked to risk their money on unproven ventures, the Uprise Africa team does its due diligence to find out whether the business is financially viable. There are also legal due diligence checks to perform.

Usually the companies which get declined are too early-stage for equity crowdfunding. The evaluation about which are ready and which are not is performed by Uprise Africa’s onboarding partners, who bring their experience from the private equity space. Onboarding fees are charged to he company raising funds, in order to do this evaluation. 

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Which Companies Can Use Uprise Africa:

Sector Focus:

Uprise Africa are currently industry agnostic. Everything from highly-scalable technology startups, to more traditional main-street businesses are invited to apply. They want to find out which companies tend to have the most success funding with them, but need to get more data in order to do so – therefore for the time being, Uprise Africa are still working out which industry sectors tend to get the most traction with their investor database.

Stage Focus:

Companies need to have at least a minimum viable product to fund on Uprise Africa. The main thing is that companies have engaged with customers and validated their idea has merit – either through actual revenue, or (if pre-revenue) securing pre-orders or letters of intent. 

Border Restrictions:

  • Companies using Uprise Africa need to be incorporated in South Africa
  • However, investors can be from anywhere in the world, provided they adhere to their home country’s regulations. 

Raise Size Restrictions: 

Companies should be ranging capital in the range of R3 million to R250 million, and must therefore have an equity valuation which supports this. Below R3 million, the expenses involved in equity crowdfunding become too high, relative to the amount of capital being raised.

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How Uprise Africa Helps Business Owners:

Uprise Africa has internal resource to help with campaign strategygraphic design and getting featured in the media (through radio / television interviews, for example).

Beyond this, crowdfunding requires a lot of hands-on work to get ready and get the word out there (it is a marketing campaign, after all!). If startups don’t have their own internal resource or connections to get this done, Uprise Africa can introduce legal partners and marketing partners. These recommended agencies can help package the companies properly so they are fit for fundraising. However, these additional services come at a cost to the company raising funds. Uprise Africa recommends alloting between R30,000 and R80,000 for these campaign preparation costs.

What Is Unique / Different About Uprise Africa?

As of the date of the publication of this guide, Uprise Africa is South Africa’s only equity crowdfunding platform. Their competition in the equity crowdfunding space in their country is non-existent. They are different by being the only ones!

However, one thing which is rather rare among equity crowdfunding platforms is that Uprise Africa offers the option of secondary market trading for the companies which raise funds with them. Uprise Fund is listed on ZARX, which is a South African stock exchange. This gives Uprise Africa the unique ability to list the shares owned by the crowd on the exchange so that crowd investors can potentially gain the benefit of liquidity should they desire, prior to the company going through a “liquidity event” (such as an IPO or trade sale). For companies, it means their share register can be refreshed with neew shareholder advocates, who are genuinely engaged with moving the company forward. 

How To Raise Money Through Uprise Africa:

The most important tip to succeeding on Uprise Africa is to build a compelling story. In many cases, retail equity crowdfunding investors are moved to back a company for reasons which are not purely financial. They may, for example, invest in companies because of the alignment they feel with that company’s mission. Crowd-building and crowdfunding are about making emotional connections – so show off your passion for what you do and why you do it. 

Also, companies would be well-advised to have their reasons for crowdfunding clear before approaching the platform. Know your business and know the market it operates in. Why does your company want to raise capital, and why have you decided upon equity crowdfunding for getting the funding you need? It will certainly boost your chances if you show you have given this plenty of careful thought.

The final piece of advice is to learn from the best crowdfunding case studies so that you can replicate their success. Other companies have done crowdfunding before – you don’t need to learn from scratch. Absorb as much information as possible so that you are prepared to crowdfund!

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