Republic Crowdfunding Review

For Business Owners

Republic is an American equity crowdfunding platform Flag: United States on Google Android 9.0

This independent review has been written for startups & growing companies considering using Republic to raise money with equity crowdfunding

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In this Republic Crowdfunding review, you will learn about:

  • Republic Crowdfunding’s Attitude To Curation
  • Which Companies Can Use Republic Crowdfunding
  • How Republic Helps Business Owners
  • What Is Unique / Different About Republic
  • How To Raise Money With Republic Crowdfunding

Platform Website: republic.co

Republic Crowdfunding’s Attitude To Curation:

Republic’s attitude to curation is that they want to help startup founders find the right medium for them to get to where they need to go. Part of their mission is to help under-served company founders, so they are not as punitive as some platforms in screening out very early stage companies. More important is the vision of the companyUltimately, Republic Crowdfunding accept close to 8% of the companies that want to work with them.

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Which Companies Can Use Republic Crowdfunding:

Sector Focus:

In the early days, Republic Crowdfunding were favoring technology companies, but these days they have a wide range of industry sectors – both tech and non-tech. Their long-term vision is to become the “Amazon of startup investing”. Not all investors want to invest exclusively in tech, so Republic now offer investment possibilities from across the spectrum. As they say on their website: “We’ve hosted startups across a multitude of sectors, including consumer, healthcare, edtech, AI, AR/VR, blockchain, food & beverage, CPG, cannabis and countless others.” 

What is more important than the sector is that companis on Republic Crowdfunding should be primarily consumer-facing. This is because the true power equity crowdfunding is strongest when the message is understandable by a large number of people. Consumer-facing businesses also tend to have larger customer bases to leverage into investors.

Stage Focus:

Republic have hosted companies at pre-seed, seed, Series A, and Series B. Every stage company will be considered, although they do tend to get more interest from their investor database when a startup is a bit more progressed than the very early stages.

Border Restrictions:

Issuers on Republic Crowdfunding need to setup a US-based entity. There needs to be some “boots on the ground” operation in America for raising money with Republic Crowdfunding to be possible. 

Non-US investors are welcome apart from certain embargoed countries (for example, Syria, North Korea, etc).

Raise Size Restrictions: 

Even offers as small as US$50,000 – US$75,000 are possible with Republic Crowdfunding. They want companies to raise at all stages of the startup life-cycle – even very early. However, these smaller raises still need to show their ambition – that the amount being raised will be a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

The maximum amount which can be raised with Regulation Crowdfunding (“Title III”) is US$1.07 million. However, larger amounts can be facilitated through Reg D offers. At of the time of writing, Republic do not facilitate Reg A+ offers.

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How Republic Helps Business Owners:

Republic were ranked #1 by Newsweek for “Servicing In Crowdfunding”. Why? Republic provide a single point of contact at their end, directly responsible helping the campaign succeed, in any way they can. The startup can communicate with this person at any time. 

In addition, Republic provide access to specialist internal resource – for example, for the deal page, for the campaign strategy, and for the financial review. This helps startups who have no prior experience with equity crowdfunding make sure that everything gets done, and gets done in the right order. 

Finally, they can help business owners with refining the pitch to investors. It’s essential to hit all the right notes with communicating the team credentials, the traction, and the investment thesis. Getting attention for this message through the media is another thing which Republic Crowdfunding can advise on.

What Is Unique / Different About Republic Crowdfunding?

Republic Crowdfunding was spun out of AngelList to help startups & growing companies with Regulation Crowdfunding in the United States. This is a unique relationship. AngelList is one of the world’s biggest startup websites, and supports Republic an investor. Further, the Republic team collaborate with AngelList often – for example, the two entities can share human resources where needed.

The innovative user experience of Republic is another difference. They are always thinking about productizing the onboarding process to the greatest degree possible, so that startups can focus on their campaign, and investors can focus on the investment… without getting mired in filling out application forms. They encourage investors to “make an investment with us, and make an investment with one of our competitors, and then compare the experience”. From the startup’s point of view, a strong user experience helps reduce the barriers to new shareholders coming on board.

Lastly, Republic Crowdfunding have a wider range of product offerings. In addition to straight equity crowdfunding, Republic offer crypto airdrops. They are helping to move crypto forward by making Token Offerings legally-compliant through providing the first “full-stack” fundraising solution in the crypto space.

How To Raise Money With Republic Crowdfunding:

Before approaching Republic Crowdfunding, the business should be off the ground. As a representative of Republic said, “Ideas are great, but execution is everything“. Are you building a business with purpose and meaning? There need to be strong data points for Republic to be able to look at, so they can make a realistic evaluation of your fundraising potential.

Beyond that, Republic seek companies who really value their customers. Republic are going to ask: “Do they have an active, passionate network?” So, rather than think of equity crowdfunding as being a place to get money fast / get money more easily than venture capital, instead view it as a way of evangelizing your customer base. Have the attitude of: “Let the people who have helped you with revenue generation, share in the ultimate wealth creation”.

To activate that user base, Republic Crowdfunding are looking for founders who are willing to get out there and expose themselves without being ashamed of it – extroverts rather than introverts. Equity crowdfunding can be a great way to take a business to the next level, but it absolutely takes work. Republic’s advice: “We want to see that the entrepreneurs we work with really want it.

The final piece of advice is to learn from the best crowdfunding case studies so that you can replicate their success. Other companies have done crowdfunding before – you don’t need to learn from scratch. Absorb as much information as possible so that you are prepared to crowdfund!

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