List Of The Best Equity Crowdfunding Sites

(Classified By Country)

With a few exceptions, the best equity crowdfundings sites depend on the country where the company raising the funds is incorporated in.


Equity crowdfunding is an offering offering of securities. This means that equity crowdfunding sites are far more heavily-regulated than the rewards crowdfunding sites. They need to adhere to the rules that their local securities regulator dictates (that’s the SEC in the United States, or the FCA in the United Kingdom, for example). Some equity crowdfunding sites are doing what they can to operate cross-border, but dealing with securities regulations in multiple jurisdictions makes this a difficult game. As a result, most (but not all) equity crowdfunding sites still operate exclusively within their home country. There is no global leader – no “Amazon.com of equity crowdfunding”.

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So, to help startups and growing companies find the platforms which are most relevant to them, I have put together this resource of the world’s best equity crowdfunding sites – organized by nationality. Each platform’s profile includes an indication of their relative size and popularity, which I have measured by:

  • Monthly Google Search Volume
  • Number of Twitter Followers.

I will keep these figures updated as a reference for startups and growing companies to discover the best equity crowdfunding sites to list with.


United States Equity Crowdfunding Sites Flag: United States on Google Android 9.0


  • Website – https://wefunder.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 11,000
  • Twitter Followers – 6,400
  • WeFunder describe themselves as “Kickstarter for investing”, and their homepage features bold pronouncements such as “Break the Monopoly of the Rich” and “Invest in Startups You Love”. Their branding and attitude is definitely in keeping with startup culture! WeFunder offers to facilitate investments of as little as $100, across Regulation D, Regulation A+ and Title III Crowdfunding offerings. WeFunder has made the early running since Title III equity crowdfunding became legal in 2016, usually appearing at the top of the league tables which rank which American equity crowdfunding by capital raised.


  • Website – https://www.startengine.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 7,100
  • Twitter Followers – 25,900
  • StartEngine is one of the world’s largest equity crowdfunding sites. StartEngine facilitates investors to buy equity in companies that are raising up to $50 million. There is a very broad range of public success stories across sectors and business stage. StartEngine encourages their investors to “Be the shark… you don’t need to be a billionaire to invest in early-stage startups. Interestingly, they offer three tiers of service: base, premium and platinum – the latter two of which offer additional support from their team of experts. Unlike some of their competitors, StartEngine take no equity from Reg CF companies.


  • Website – https://www.fundable.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 4,200
  • Twitter Followers – 25,800
  • Fundable is the startups.co crowdfunding platform. “We Help Companies Get Crowdfunded” is Fundable’s tagline in their “About” section, and they mean it. They claim to offer a very hands-on service to help their companies understand the fundraising process and launch their funding campaigns. As part of this, their website features some very useful guides for startups, investors, and on the overall process of crowdfunding. This approach shines through, with their website boasting plenty of success stories from a very diverse range of industries – software, communication, healthcare, food, real estate, vehicles… the list goes on.


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  • Website – https://republic.co
  • Monthly Google Searches – 700* (for the term ‘republic crowdfunding’)
  • Twitter Followers – 8,400
  • Having been spun out of AngelList to help startups and growing companies with Regulation Crowdfunding in the United States, Republic advertises to its investor base: “Now you can be an angel investor – invest as little as $10 in private startups and earn a return if the startup succeeds”. This openness to the crowd, with a very low barrier to entry, has resulted in lots of happy testimonials from satisfied startups from across the spectrum. Republic also offers a very nice affiliate feature for anyone with a network – it is possible to earn $1,000 for every startup you refer which goes on to successfully raise capital.


  • Website – https://www.seedinvest.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 11,000
  • Twitter Followers – 19,200
  • Based in New York, SeedInvest’s platform was co-founded by Ryan Feit and James Han to support the full gamut of America’s crowdfunding regulations, including Title III, Reg A+ and Reg D offers. SeedInvest’s Selections Fund is currently co-investing $200,000 alongside each company that raises funds under a Reg D offer. Their site has a great range of guides for both investors and companies raising capital. One of the unique things about their platform is the “Auto-Invest” option, which allows investors to easily build a portfolio of startups, for as little as $200 per startup.


  • Website – https://microventures.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 5,700
  • Twitter Followers – 5,000
  • The Austin, Texas Microventures offers equity crowdfunding alongside a suite of several other capital raising options including accredited investing and secondary market trading. Some of their equity crowdfunding deals have investment minimums of as low as $100. They formerly had a partnership with Indiegogo (the giant rewards crowdfunding platform), which seems to have dissolved as of late. Microventures lists their areas of focus as internet technology, media & entertainment, software, green technology, mobile, social and gaming (though companies not on that list are also possible).

Canada Equity Crowdfunding Sites Flag: Canada on Google Android 9.0


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  • Website – https://frontfundr.com 
  • Monthly Google Searches – 1,200
  • Twitter Followers – 3,500
  • FrontFundr is an “Exempt Market Dealer”, which means they can work with both private and public companies. They are sector-agnostic, and startups and growing companies can use FrontFundr to raise up to $50 million, under the prospectus exemptions they operate under – though most public crowdfunding offers on their site are under $1.5 million. As one of their value propositions, FrontFundr lists the “Personal Touch” – you will have a dedicated account manager to help you structure your campaign and navigate the investment landscape. Like most equity crowdfunding sites, FrontFundr generally work with companies that are beyond idea stage.


  • Website – https://vested.ca
  • Monthly Google Searches – 1,700
  • Twitter Followers – 300
  • Vested allows investors to invest as little as $100 in startups. Because Vested is not an exempt market dealer, they specialize in helping private companies, raising under $250,000. Each investor can invest a maximum of $1,500. The best fit for Vested are companies which have an exit strategy in mind – in the words of the founders: “we’re not interested in financing Mom & Pop’s bagel shop”. Some of their successful past crowdfunders include the energy, cannabis and mining sectors. One of their ‘sweet spots’ is companies looking to increase their shareholder spread ahead of listing on a marketplace.


United Kingdom Equity Crowdfunding Sites Flag: United Kingdom on Google Android 9.0


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  • Website – https://www.seedrs.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 14,000
  • Twitter Followers – 31,800
  • Since beginning in 2012, Seedrs has seen hundreds of millions of pounds invested into deals across every conceivable sector, and with an investor base in dozens of countries around the world. Aside from their streamlined shareholder administration under their standardized nominee structure, one of the most notable things about Seedrs is their Secondary Market, which allows investors to buy and sell shares from each other, offering the possibility of investors achieving liquidity before the crowdfunded company has achieved an exit or marketplace listing. Demonstrating their ambitions to grow beyond their home shores, Seedrs has also opened an office in Lisbon, Portugal.


  • Website – https://www.crowdcube.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 13,000
  • Twitter Followers – 43,700
  • Crowdcube claims to be the world’s first equity crowdfunding platform, and like their main rival, have helped facilitate hundreds of millions of pounds of investment. A look at their Funded Club will confirm that Crowdcube helps startups, early and growth stage businesses from a very broad range of sectors. Crowdcube is open to UK or Irish limited companies, and European-headquarterd companies too (subject to certain criteria). Crowdcube offers the option of offering different classes of shares (including non-voting), which can mean a more flexible capital-raising structure, depending on a company’s objectives. Crowdcube’s international expansion efforts have seen them also open an office in Barcelona, Spain.


  • Website – https://www.syndicateroom.com 
  • Monthly Google Searches – 2,100
  • Twitter Followers – 4,700
  • In their own words, “SyndicateRoom is for sophisticated investors who understand that their capital is at risk.” They take a deeper dive into pre-vetting their companies before they go live, and their approach is also reflected in their much higher minimum investment amounts. SyndicateRoom requires a named professional investor leads every deal, doing their own due diligence and investing their own capital on terms that the crowd can then follow on exactly the same basis. An interesting innovation of SyndicateRoom’s is their ‘FundTwenty8’, which builds a diversified portfolio of EIS-qualifying startups, enabling an investor to gain diversification in their early-stage equities.

Crowd For Angels

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  • Website – https://crowdforangels.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 300
  • Twitter Followers – 4,900
  • Crowd For Angels opened in 2014 to help with funding for innovative and appealing companies through their growth cycle. They do this through three methods: shares (equity), crowd bonds (debt), and tokens (cryptocurrency). They consider all types of companies from all sectors. Like many equity crowdfunding platforms, they will not list a company on their platform if they don’t think it’s legitimate. Their website says “only 8% of company applicants are listed.” The minimum investment is 25 British Pounds, unless the company requests a higher amount. Like other UK platforms, many of their campaigns come with EIS / SEIS tax relief for investors.


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  • Website – https://www.envestors.co.uk  
  • Monthly Google Searches – 300
  • Twitter Followers – 50
  • Envestors is a sophisticated-investor-only platform, meaning that investors must satisfy the “experienced investor” or “high net worth” tests before they are allowed to use their site. The minimum investment amount of £25,000 is a lot higher than the “ordinary members of the public” crowdfunding platforms. As a result, their expertise lies more in the depth of their network, rather than their social media / Google search traffic reach. Envestors help high growth companies seeking between £500,000 and £10,000,000 in equity funding.

Ireland Equity Crowdfunding Sites Flag: Ireland on Google Android 10.0

Spark Crowdfunding

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  • Website – www.sparkcrowdfunding.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 100
  • Twitter Followers – 3800
  • Spark Crowdfunding is Ireland’s first equity crowdfunding platform, helping Irish companies raise new funds from investors. They want to help Irish businesses with scale potential, whether that be early-stage startups, or more-established companies seeking to raise growth / expansion capital. Consumer products and technology applications are seen as ideal. As their mission statement, Spark Crowdfunding claim to want to make it “as easy as possible” to secure funding, in a “simple, quick and low-cost manner.”

France Equity Crowdfunding Sites Flag: France on Google Android 9.0


  • Website – https://www.wiseed.com/fr
  • Monthly Google Searches – 13,000
  • Twitter Followers – 10,400
  • WiSEED helps both retail and professional investors to invest in mature companies and French small-medium enterprises, from as little as €100 per project. They are an equity crowdfunding site, and also offer debt bonds, and – unusually – “participatory titles”, which are form of security specific to co-operatives. But probably the most unusual feature of WiSEED is the fact they don’t display the “campaign progress bar”, of how much other investors have already invested. They argue that removing this information means that investors must back a project much more on their merits, instead of fixate on what other people in the crowd have been doing.


  • Website – https://sowefund.com 
  • Monthly Google Searches – 2,600
  • Twitter Followers – 4,300
  • The Paris-based Sowefund helps investors gain a stake in “the companies of tomorrow”. They have a strong impact investing angle to their operations, which means this equity crowdfunding site is particularly well-suited to companies who are trying to change the world for the better. Investors are able to take part in Sowefund offers for as little as 100 euros, which makes this platform a good choice for companies looking to gain a very broad base of small shareholders. To help facilitate this, Sowefund offers a holding company service to group these small shareholders into a single investment vehicle, thereby simplifying shareholder management for the startups & growing companies that list with them.

Germany Equity Crowdfunding Sites Flag: Germany on Google Android 9.0


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  • Website – https://www.seedmatch.de 
  • Monthly Google Searches – 2,600
  • Twitter Followers – 5,800
  • Seedmatch was the first of the German equity crowdfunding sites to launch, when it opened its doors in 2011. They make it possible to invest in innovative companies at the early stage of business, with sums starting at just €250 per project. They cater to scaleable, economic startups and growing companies in both B2B and B2C, with capital requirements of between €100,000 and €2.5 million. Companies only pay a fee if their crowdfunding offer is successful. Also, Seedmatch has expanded its crowdfunding offering with “Mezzany”, where private investors and professional investors can subscribe and trade bonds in.


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  • Website – https://www.aescuvest.eu
  • Monthly Google Searches – 300
  • Twitter Followers – 900
  • Aescuvest is German-speaking crowdinvesting for the healthcare market. With this specific area of focus, they bring a scientific advisory board and investor advisory board to check the plausibility of each submitted project. Private investors are able to invest a maximum of €10,000 in a single project. Their website advises that their platform is best-suited for ideas that can be developed to market maturity within three to seven years, or which have already developed a product and need to execute on market entry or expansion. Rather than offer straight equity, Aescuvest runs its financing through partial subordinated loans with bonus interest based on EBIT – giving it equity-like characteristics.


  • Website – https://www.companisto.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 5,700
  • Twitter Followers – 3,000
  • Companisto focuses on investments of between €350,000 and €2.5 million in innovative companies at the seed and early-stage, in Germany and Europe. They don’t have a particular sector focus – startups and growth companies have successfully funded through Companisto from sectors as diverse as software, e-commerce, electronics, food & beverage, and more. One of the real strengths of Companisto is their network of co-investors in the venture capital and business angel space. This helps fulfil one of their key promises: “extreme” speed – advertising that it is possible to go from initial application to money in the bank in just 12-and-a-half weeks.

Italy Equity Crowdfunding Sites Flag: Italy on Google Android 9.0


  • Website – https://www.backtowork24.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 400
  • Twitter Followers – 5,700
  • BacktoWork24 promises that each company that funds with them will get their own dedicated analyst, to act as a single point of contact, and support with collecting and defining the documents needed to prepare and launch a campaign. They also assist with searching for a lead investor – a very strong value-add for equity crowdfunding sites. Every campaign can set their own investment minimum (from €100 and up), but the most common ones are €250 or €500. Many successful case studies feature on their site, from a wide range of industries, and they continue to have a wide pipeline of present and future offers.


  • Website – https://mamacrowd.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 4,300
  • Twitter Followers – 700
  • Mamacrowd showcases innovative Italian startups, SMEs, and investment clubs. There are multiple case studies of Mamacrowd’s companies successfully raising hundreds of thousands of euros… with dozens of glowing testimonials from the fundraisers who have partnered with them. To invest on Mamacrowd, investors require an Italian tax code, which effectively means that for all intents and purposes, Mamacrowd is an Italian-only platform. There is also a requirement that each campaign must have a minimum of 5% of their funds subscribed by “qualified investors” – being professional investors (as defined by law).

Netherlands Equity Crowdfunding Sites Flag: Netherlands on Google Android 9.0


  • Website – https://www.oneplanetcrowd.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 1,200
  • Twitter Followers – 3,700
  • Oneplanetcrowd offers crowdfunding with financial return and sustainability. Part of their application procedure is explaining the positive impact on people and the planet the company will make / are making. The form of securities that Oneplanetcrowd facilitates are not straight equity, but rather subordinated loans with the option for equity conversion. There also needs to be a clearly communicated reason for the activities the funds will be used for, and the funding goal should lie between €100,000 and €2.5 million. Before making a campaign live to the public, Oneplanetcrowd first asks the company to achieve a minimum of 20% of its funding goal privately.


  • Website – https://www.symbid.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 1,600
  • Twitter Followers – 5,200
  • Symbid was started in 2011, making them one of the first equity crowdfunding platforms in the world. They promise to bring this substantial experience to bear, by supporting businesses that fund with them “from start to end”, including creating a strong pitch, reaching out to investors, and all the required documentation once the funding goal has been reached. Their platform is for Dutch BV and NV companies (or those willing to start one). Notably, their fee structure is staggered depending on the amount being raised – the more money being raised, the lower the success fee.

Spain Equity Crowdfunding Sites Flag: Spain on Google Android 9.0

The Crowd Angel

  • Website – https://www.thecrowdangel.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 700
  • Twitter Followers – 4,800
  • Much like other equity crowdfunding sites, Barcelona-based platform “The Crowd Angel” were born with the aim of simplifying the investment in startups, offering the investor the possibility of investing through a venture-capital-like process. Their investment analysts rigorously select technology-based startups, and then work hard with them before ultimately showing them to their marketplace. The Crowd Angel insist on very complete pitches, to give the investor a complete picture of the proposition before making a decision. They have a relatively high investment minimum of €3,000, which is a high-enough amount to make sure that investors think carefully before committing.


  • Website – https://startupxplore.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 1,400
  • Twitter Followers – 8,500
  • Startupxplore is an equity crowdfunding platform for companies with a registered office in Europe… but calls themselves “The platform for those who don’t like crowdfunding”! Unusually among equity crowdfunding sites, Startupxplore invests their own money in the companies that they host with them. In their words – “the magic begins when we invest – from that moment on, a long-term relationship begins.” Speed is also of the essence for Startupxplore – they need only 21 days to close a round. All companies that raise with Startupxplore need to have a lead investor, investing at least 10% of the round.

Belgium Equity Crowdfunding Sites Flag: Belgium on Google Android 9.0


  • Website – https://www.spreds.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 450
  • Twitter Followers – 3,800
  • Spreds was once known by “MyMicroInvest”, but has rebranded. They offer a very flexible range of funding models. In their own words – “Whether you want to raise €100,000 with your network or €1,000,000 with a public campaign, we are your trusted partner.” They can facilitate private offers to “qualifed” (sophisticated / high-net-worth) investors, normal equity crowdfunding offers, and prospectus offers. Unlike most equity crowdfunding sites, Spreds also do “loan crowdfunding”, for those companies that are ready to take on debt exposure instead of equity investors.

Estonia Equity Crowdfunding Sites Flag: Estonia on Google Android 9.0


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  • Website – https://www.funderbeam.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 700
  • Twitter Followers – 5,000
  • Funderbeam is a platform for high-growth private companies. One of their major points of difference is that they make private investments tradeable – meaning that investors have the possibility of getting in and out of their positions whenever they need to. This makes them different from most equity crowdfunding sites that concentrate on primary (new money) raises only. Since beginning in Tallinn in 2013, Funderbeam expanded to become a regulated UK entity in August 2018, meaning that their platform is open to UK companies too. Their site reveals that UK companies are already listing on their platform. Reflecting their international ambitions, they have team members in many other global cities, including Lisbon, Rio, Copenhagen and Singapore.


  • Website – https://fundwise.me
  • Monthly Google Searches – 500
  • Twitter Followers – 500
  • Like other equity crowdfunding sites, Fundwise is a meeting place for campaigners and investors. They offer both equity and convertible note funding options. To keep their offers short and sharp, Fundwise have kept a strict campaign period of 30 – 45 days, unless the campaign reaches its benchmark prematurely. To list with Fundwise, a company needs to be an Estonian private or public limited liability company. Fortunately, Estonia (“the digital nation”) makes this extremely easy through the Estonian e-residency program – an Estonian company can be opened from anywhere in the world, and documents can be electronically signed using their secure ID card.

Finland Equity Crowdfunding Sites Flag: Finland on Google Android 9.0


  • Website – https://www.invesdor.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 1,900
  • Twitter Followers – 6,200
  • Invesdor calls itself “the go-to place for equity and debt crowdfunding in the EEA”. They are proud to be one of the leaders in solving cross-border financing, with active offices in several cities, particularly in the Nordics. To list through Invesdor, a business must be a registered company, have a committed team, and be growth-oriented. The Invesdor team will also do their own internal due diligence to check the background of the company and all key people – which is something that most equity crowdfunding sites do. Many of their success stories are able to point to raises of over 1 million euros (sometimes much more).

Sweden Equity Crowdfunding Sites Flag: Sweden on Google Android 9.0


  • Website – https://www.fundedbyme.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 2,200
  • Twitter Followers – 7,000
  • FundedByMe helps businesses of various sizes with their financing, by allowing ordinary people to invest – whether it be startup, early-stage or growth phase. One of the key things about FundedByMe is that they offer their fundraising companies access to website visitor statistics, which not all equity crowdfunding sites do. This allows the campaign’s digital marketing efforts to be tracked with greater accuracy, since it is possible to tell the source of campaign page visitors. FundedByMe also advertises their “scaleable and structured” funding model – saying that it is possible to finish a campaign in 45 days.


Australia Equity Crowdfunding Sites Flag: Australia on Google Android 9.0


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  • Website – https://equitise.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 1,400
  • Twitter Followers – 1,900
  • Equitise originally began their operations in New Zealand, even before the equity crowdfunding regulations were finally changed in Australia to make it possible to operate there in 2018. To this day, Equitise advertise themselves as “Crowdfunding Australia and New Zealand”, hence being one of the few equity crowdfunding site that can credibly claim to be truly cross-border. Equitise allows investors to back the startups & innovative growth companies they care about with investments from as little as $50 – from seed stage, series A, B, C, to IPO. Equitise have themselves been recognized as an innovator, with numerous awards and nominations in FinTech awards.


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  • Website – https://www.onmarket.com.au 
  • Monthly Google Searches – 700
  • Twitter Followers – 3,600
  • OnMarket calls themselves “Australia’s most experienced equity crowdfunding site”. Their regulatory requirements for equity crowdfunding include: having the principal place of business in Australia, have a majority of directors residing in Australia, not be a listed company, not be in the business of investing in other companies and entities, and have assets and revenues of no more A$25 million. In numerous parts of their website, OnMarket makes mention that they are most interested in helping companies which are making a positive difference in the world. In addition to their equity crowdfunding activities, a large part of the OnMarket site is dedicated to IPO investments.


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  • Website – https://www.birchal.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 450
  • Twitter Followers – 500
  • Coming from the team that built pozible.com (an Aussie rewards crowdfunding platform) Birchall’s new purpose-built equity crowdfunding site allows anyone to invest from as little as $50, with a focus on consumer brands. Success stories include a beer brewery, fashion, and restaurants & cafes. Their onboarding process is meant to make fundraising simple and fast, and their website has some excellent resources for getting started – including example campaign videos, elevator pitch guidelines, offering documents, and an indicative timeline of how long the entire process should take. Like some other equity crowdfunding sites, Birchall has a commission program for referring new investors and new small/medium businesses to their platform.

New Zealand Equity Crowdfunding Sites Flag: New Zealand on Google Android 9.0

Snowball Effect

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  • Website – https://www.snowballeffect.co.nz
  • Monthly Google Searches – 600
  • Twitter Followers – 2,000
  • Snowball Effect call themselves “New Zealand’s leading private equity marketplace”. They have been moving away from the pure “equity crowdfunding” model, and towards being a curated marketplace of many different equity funding options. They offer both public offers for retail investors, private offers, and wholesale investor offers. Like most equity crowdfunding sites, they can help young companies which have already commenced revenue-generating activities and demonstrated market traction. But they have also positioned themselves to assist with scale-ups, more mature companies, and even IPO distribution – meaning they are well-placed to assist with fundraisings across the spectrum off a company’s capital-raising journey.


  • Website – https://www.pledgeme.co.nz
  • Monthly Google Searches – 1,700
  • Twitter Followers – 4,900
  • Having originally started out as a rewards crowdfunding site, PledgeMe now offer all three methods of crowdfunding – they are an equity crowdfunding site, a rewards crowdfunding site, and a lending crowdfunding site. Their equity crowdfunding model is supported by a program called “CrowdfundingU”, where PledgeMe steps campaign creators through their preparation. It is designed to help get businesses get ready to more-effectively communicate their story to their crowd. PledgeMe’s attitude to equity crowdfunding tends to be more supportive of “letting the crowd decide”. They are big supporters of making funding more accessible for startups and growing companies.


Malaysia Equity Crowdfunding Sites Flag: Malaysia on Google Android 9.0


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  • Website – https://www.crowdplus.asia
  • Monthly Google Searches – 250
  • Twitter Followers – 450
  • As one of the first equity crowdfunding platforms in the ASEAN region, CrowdPlus.asia is backed by Netrove Ventures Group, a regional tech-based VC firm. They use similar methods to their parent company for deal-sourcing and selecting the campaigns that launch on their platform – as  well mentorship and guidance from “Qualified Matching Investors”. Among their platform’s characteristics, CrowdPlus.asia list: access to capital, the harnessing of crowd power, simplicity in the fundraising process, and visibility for the company through widespread media coverage.

South Africa Crowdfunding Sites Flag: South Africa on Google Android 10.0


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  • Website – https://uprise.africa
  • Monthly Google Searches – 450
  • Twitter Followers – 1,300
  • Uprise.Africa helps South African businesses raise growth, expansion, and runway capital by linking entrepreneurs to investors, “democratizing the South African funding landscape.” As a value-add to the companies raising funds with them, Uprise.Africa helps companies get their pitch ready, set their goal and spread the word. To use Uprise.Africa, companies need to be raising between R500,000 to R50 million (although the platform states that those raising at least R3 million will be preferred). Companies also need to be already generating revenue and have a strong “anchor investor”. 

United Arab Emirates Equity Crowdfunding Sites Flag: United Arab Emirates on Google Android 9.0


  • Website – https://eureeca.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 700
  • Twitter Followers – 3,900
  • Eureeca has been making a strong play to operate cross-border, being regulated and authorized by the UK’s FCA, the AFM of the Netherlands, and the Securities Commission in Malaysia – in addition to their home base in Dubai. At a minimum, companies need to be operational (ideally, already generating revenue), and raising at least $250,000. It will also help a company’s application case if they have already raised capital elsewhere previously. Beyond that, they are able to help companies from all sectors: “from tech to retail, and everything in between.” Eureeca operates a partnership program for those who introduce new investors and fundraising companies to their platform.

Israel Equity Crowdfunding Sites Flag: Israel on Google Android 9.0

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  • Website – https://www.ourcrowd.com
  • Monthly Google Searches – 1,900
  • Twitter Followers – 8,600
  • OurCrowd began in 2013 to facilitate access to VC-level investments. Their platform is only open to accredited investors (based on the local legal definition), and ordinary investors are excluded. Still, this sophisticated-investor-only focus has worked well for OurCrowd – today, they have over 10 offices internationally – making them one of the world’s largest equity crowdfunding sites. OurCrowd operates across sectors and stages but have a particular strength in the technology field. Many member of their funded portfolio have raised well over US$1,000,000. They are have a reputation for a rigorous, highly-selective process before sharing opportunities with their investor network.


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